About us
After Curry Mint

The After Curry Mint was conceived in 2017 to provide the British Indian restaurant scene with a new “after dinner” experience. Its sister company, Kansara’s Exclusive Luxury Chocolates, pioneered the concept of providing After Curry Mints, which has now become synonymous with eating out at your local Indian.

It was introduced to revolutionise the trend in the complementary chocolate sector with a tastier, more succulent, higher quality praline-filled chocolate. Now we are leading the market – nothing can match the opulence of the After Curry Mint. It’s soft-centre filling is light and irresistibly smooth.

The After Curry Mint has become so popular with restaurant diners, it has expanded and we are now selling to members of the general public nationally. 

The After Curry Mint makes for the perfect sweet treat to indulge in after a meal or as an accompaniment to coffee. Click here to place your order.  

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